Bob - London bodyshop reviewed Accident Kit
I give a personalised accident kit to every customer and my sales have increased because of repeat customers.
Sue reviewed Memory card case
After loosing a memory card and all those great images I purchased a memory card case and they even printed my favourite picture on the front. Great thanks
Janet reviewed Hi Vis waistcoat
Now I feel safe walking the dog at night, great Hi Vis, great price and service
Paul - A&G Transport reviewed Accident Kit
Fantastic prices and customer service from this site
Couiers - White van man reviewed Accident Kit
As soon as I get my accident kit out the guy who crashed in to me changed his tune, the camera is more powerfull than the gun, thanks
Ray - Transport Manager reviewed Accident Kit
In the past my boss had me buy a pensil case and fill it with a camera, etc then I found and they had a professional solution for a third of the price, and no work for me.
John - J&L Logistics reviewed Accident Kit
We used to buy a disposable camera from Tescos, then my son surfed the web and found and the whole kit was much cheaper than Tescos.
Pierre - Logistic France reviewed Accident Kit
Thank you for the accident kit service, fantastic value
reviewed Accident Kit
An Accident Kit from Tesco was over 10 but from it was only a third of the price and we could get them branded as well
Gordon - Scot Transport reviewed Accident Kit
Why buy a Accident Kit from Crashmate for 10 when you can buy them from for 2.25? Its a no brainer
Colin - H&P Transport reviewed Accident Kit
My previous supplier never had stock or you waited weeks but always have stock and my fleet can collect from them as well. Great prices too why didn't I change to them years ago?
Steve Health & Safety Officer reviewed Accident Kit
My boss had an accident so I had to immediately get accident kits for the whole fleet and had them in stock and at great prices.
Paul Insurance Manager reviewed Accident Kit
Using accident kit for the fleet were paid for themselves at the first accident if we hadn't had those images and details we would have been stuffed.
Dave - AC Cabs reviewed Accident Kit
I purchased one for myself and the boss saw it and decided to have a personnalised one for every cab in the fleet.
Anne Marie - Promotions Exec reviewed Personalised Camera
I wanted to use a camera as an invitation to a corporate event, then the guests could take images of the products! said no problem we can deliver this week - and they did. The client loved them, thanks
Harold Birmingham logistics reviewed Accident Kit
It does what it says on the can and the prices / quality are unbeatable thanks
Eric - Logistics Manager reviewed Accident Kit
This firm believes in looking after all the details, I recommend to anyone
Ray - Transport Manager reviewed Accident Kit
My previous supplier let me down several times so I tried and they offered me a better quality Accident Kit for less money, but even more important it was from stock and delivered within a couple of days. Thanks we will be back.
Tony - Buying Manager reviewed Accident Kit
Negotiating a good price and service is easy with this company as their published prices reflect quality and value for money. We tried 100 and then purchased 5000 for our garages, they arrived before our paperwork went through our system.
Pete reviewed Accident Kit
The accident kit says what it does on the can and they were delivered immediately.
Roy reviewed Hi Vis Waistcoat
These Hi Vis waistcoats are street legal, unlike our previous supplier, and a better price.
Dave - Cold Storage reviewed Accident Kit
So easy, so helpful, so quick - thanks
Steve reviewed Accident Kit
I phoned yesterday and received the accident Kits today, service!
Mike G reviewed Accident Kit
My fleet just changed to because of their prices, but it seems that their service is just as good
Adrian Health & Safety Manager reviewed Accident Kit
I thought mobile phone images would be ok at an accident, then we tried using one in court and the judge told as their value - nothing. I immediately purchased accident kits from this site.
Jim reviewed 103R DashCam
Better than what I wanted.
I can now record what is happening at the front and rear, plus the G Meter will prove who crashed into who!
Can't wait to review the GSM on Google Maps.
Jack Roberts reviewed Accident Kits
We had been making our own Accident Kits and then I discovered this site, they did it all for me and at a third of the price, a result!
Johhny reviewed Accident Kit Plain
My boss said he wanted a good price and immediate delivery for 50 accident kits. I tried another company and they said 2/3 weeks belivery. So I tried and the delivered immediately and the price was excellant, my boss is very happy
Pete reviewed Accident Kit
Great service and prices and they will put anything you want in an Accident Kit!

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