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Personalised Accident Kit
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Please phone or email us with your requirements as we do not take orders on this website.

"Fraudsters behind 1,000 crashes a week" quote from The Daily Telegraph

"Insurance fraudsters in the UK staged , more than 300,000 car accidents since 2008 in scams that affect more than 1,000 innocent motorists a week and push up premiums for all drivers.

"Crash for Cash" fraud takes place when one or more parties deliberately cause a road traffic accident, in an attempt to gain financially, often claiming for injuries such as whiplash, with additional pay-outs to compensate for the loss of the car and lost earnings.

Research by insurer LV= found that more than 30,000 people have been victims of a "slam on" scam in the past year. LV= said that fraudsters targeted females and young drivers as they believed they were less likely to challenge claims. In the past two years almost 66% of victims were female, and 59% were aged 34 or younger." Source - The Daily Telegraph

The solution is to protect what you have experienced with a camera - three types of camera will meet you needs, the choice is yours, please call to discuss your specification 01273 30 40 10 -

1. Accident Kit
It has everything you need in a wallet, our clients tell us that the scammers get back into their cars when drivers take the camera out of the Accident Kit -
35mm flash camera, such film cannot be Photoshoped and can be used as evidence in a Law Court. Plus it has a brilliant flash.
Accident Report Form - ensures that you answer all the questions that your insurance company require.
Pen - you can never find a black ink pen when you want one.
Yellow Crayon - you can mark roads, cars, anything prior to taking a photograph.
Tape measure - it acts as a scale rule in photos and makes measurement easy.
9 LED alloy body torch - a very reliable torch with long lasting qualities, (optional extra)
Wallet - all the above packaged in a cloth wallet.
Your Logo - we can also apply a Domed Sticker to the Wallet that features your coloured Logo.
They come in a range of sizes and can be offered for a MOQ of 100 or more.
A guide price is 4cm squared 45p each (100) to 39p each (500) fitted,
They are available in a range of sizes from 2 to 60 cm squared
Please phone / email for details

2. Digital D5 Camera
This is the only digital camera in the World that can be used for evidence in a Law Court. It has unique firmware that marks every image, the image cannot be Photoshoped without damaging the unique marks, thus ensuring an audit trail.

This camera can used with one of our Accident Kits.

Other digital cameras do not have a brilliant flash and don't have the secure firmware marking every image.

3. DashCam DVR
We can offer a DashCam that meets your specific needs and budget.

They can constantly record a video image and sound of what can be seen in front, or behind, or inside your vehicle. Plus the ability to plot the route taken using its GPS capabilities in conjunction with Google Maps. They also can offer G Meters which record in 3D what direction which vehicle has hit the other. We can even offer a combined SatNav / DashCam all in one removable unit. Lots of other facilities are being added to DashCam DVR, so just tell us your needs on 01273 304010

Accident Kits are also called - Collision Kit, Accident Investigation Kit, Auto Kit, Accident Reporting Kit, Car Crash Kit,Accident Management Kit, Fleet Accident Kit, Vehicle Accident Kit, Auto Accident Kit, Car Accident Kit, Accident Camera Kit, Evidence Camera Kit, Accident Fact Kit, Drivers Accident Report Kit, Traffic Accident Kit, Accident Tool Kit, Accident Kit for Cars, Accident Kit for Logistics

A Personalised Accident Camera Kit will help you promote your Company!

This item is in stock in our UK warehouse.

The Driver Keeps the Car Accident Kit, Collision Kit for years, with your details on it.

All the elements of a Personalised Accident Kit, Collision Kit can be personalised to your specification.

Our great range of quality Accident Kits, Collision Kit are available from stock.
We deliver immediately, you don't have to wait 6 weeks.
We personalise the camera and wallet in the UK.

1. Specification
1.1 Wallet / Pouch
We offer 2 types Wallet / pouch for our Accident Kit -
1. Clear plastic exterior window (80 x 130mm) for your promotional material, minimum order quantity 1 only.
2. Personalised / Branded with your logo / text, minimum order quantity 1,000,
The wallet / pouch can be made from fabric, leather, leathercloth, or any specified material in whatever colour that you specify.
Colour - Exterior - Blue; Interior - Black
Clear plastic pockets and elastic straps to hold the contents.

1.2 Contents Accident Kit
Camera - 12 exposure, flash, colour camera, inc. battery. The camera can be personalised or plain. Premium and sleeved models are available.
Ballpoint pen - retractable, black ink.
Wax Crayon - yellow, sleeved. For marking the road, street furniture, vehicles, etc before taking a photo.
Tape Measure- yellow, sleeved 5' Imperial / 1.5 Mts Metric, to measure the accident scene and to use as a "scale rule" in the photos.
Accident Report Form - 2 part NCR set, approved by all major insurance companies. We can also offer your own letter or form.
Wallet / Pouch - heavy duty, blue nylon wallet with a Velcro fastener, 75mm High x 130mm Wide clear plastic exterior window for personalisation.
Packaging - each Accident Kit wallet / pouch is enclosed in a sealed plastic bag thus adding "vehicle inspections".
Developing & Printing - a promotional price D&P envelope for each camera.
Optional Items - Printed inserts, LED Torch, Printed Box, Printed Sleeve, Tyre Pressure Gauge, Tyre Depth Gauge, Hi-Vis Waistcoat, Poncho, Hazard Triangle, Safety Clothing - you name it we can include it!

Benefits of an Accident Kit
2.1 Everything the driver needs at the accident scene in one place.
2.2 The Accident Kit enables your driver to obtain the evidence that ensures an easier claims procedure!
2.3 The personalised wallet and flash camera of the Accident Kit reinforces positive aspects of the company and how the company is helping the driver and the corporate policy holder to take a professional record of the accident scene.
2.4 The Accident Kit images may reduce the need for the Engineers inspection.
2.5 Accident cost estimates may be based on the images of the accident taken by the Accident Kit.
2.6 Reduce personal injury / fraud claims because the accident damage images can be seen.
2.7 Damage to goods in transit, street furniture, etc can be recorded using the Accident Kit.
2.8 Reduce third party claim expense using the Accident Kit.
2.9 Reduce the time taken to administer a third party claim using the Accident Kit.
2.10 Help to manage insurance costs and maintain No Claims Discount.
2.11 35mm film is accepted in Court as evidence, digital images are not.(Digital images do not have an "audit trail", the image can be tampered with!)
2.12 The majority of the parts of our cameras are reused or recycled! These cameras are not disposable.

3. Delivery lead times
Orders of less than 1,000 Accident Kits are normally dispatched within 3 days as they are printed in the UK.

Orders of 1,001 or more Personalised Accident Kits have a lead time of 6 weeks, as they are printed in our factory in China, from receipt of authorised / suitable artwork.

4. Clients
Existing clients for our Accident Kits include companies specialising in Logistics, Insurance, Body Repair Shops, Car & Van Dealerships, Fleet Operators, the general public.

5. Quantity / Price structure per Accident Kit
MOQ - Minimum Order Quantity - 1 only
Premium Camera model - the camera shown in all non AIG images
Standard Camera model - the AIG camera
Branded Over-run Accident Kit includes a "standard" camera and wallet in a clients artwork plus retractable ballpoint pen, Accident Report Form, wax crayon, tape measure, which we printed too many of, hence the significant price reduction / our loss is your gain!!!

The table below shows the prices for just 5 of the many different types of Accident Kit that we offer. Please phone/email to place an order of make a query.

Quantity Standard Premium Premium
Plain Plain Personalised

plus Delivery and VAT, or you can collect.
Check our prices in your currency at
No other additional costs.

6. How to order
We don't take web site based orders, so please phone or email. We want to be sure that we fully understand your requirements and supply the camera specification that YOU WANT, not the camera we want to sell!

We ship anywhere in the World

"Make insurance claims easier with a photograph!"


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