Product details - D5 Reusable Digital Flash Camera

D5 Reusable Digital Flash Camera
Price: £19.75

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<strong> “D5” – Reusable Digital Flash Camera
1. "Security Watermark"
2. A reusable simple digital flash camera
3. Powerful Flash Light
4. Colour LCD Screen
5. USB 2
6. Battery Pack
7. Price

1. "Security Watermark" – Accident model only
The D5 digital camera chip places a "Security Watermark" automatically on every image that covers the whole image. This "Security Watermark" cannot be removed with software such as Photoshop without the image being altered and the "Security Watermark" being changed. It therefore provides an “audit trail” from image to evidence just like 35mm film does.

The reason for this is to ensure that we can prove to European Law Courts and Insurance Companies that the image has not been tampered with, and therefore prove that the image is the original taken at the accident scene.

Other digital cameras / phones do not have this function, thus enabling "third parties" to tamper with the image. Because of image tampering digital images are not allowed as evidence in European Law Courts, or accepted by many Insurance Companies as no one can prove that such images without a “Security Watermark” are the original / non-tampered image.

This new digital camera with “Security Watermark” breaks new ground and makes it acceptable to all users for any reason.

We also offer a “pleasure camera” model which does not have a “Security Watermark” feature.

2. A reusable simple digital camera
We have been aware for many years that digital cameras are both expensive and difficult to operate, i.e. too many buttons, particularly if you have had an adrenalin rush after an accident and never used that camera before!

So we have developed a 3.0MP digital camera that is the same size as a "disposable 35mm camera" and it only has a couple of buttons to use when taking an image - one for flash charging, Power ON / OFF and the other for taking the exposure.

The D5 camera memory has a capacity of x40 images. So you need to download your images to a PC / MAC before you delete the images and then you can take another x20+ images.
The camera will take a maximum of x60+ flash / daylight images. The images can be downloaded onto a PC or Printer via an integral USB plug before 40 images are taken.

When the camera has been used for x60 images it can be returned to us for a full service and then returned to the client who can take another x60 images. Just keep returning it to us for a maximum of x10 times, thus ensuring that the camera can be reused for many years to come in a fleet situation. This camera will take x600+ images during its life span.

In reality the D5 digital camera will take more than x600 images but we have to be conservative and publish a figure that includes the “flash light” being used on every occasion that an image is taken. In reality a “flash light” is not used for every image.

After the images have been taken you can use the other buttons –
Preview Button – press the Preview Button to review each of your photos
Delete Button – press the Delete Button if you don’t want to keep the image, but remember that you might want to save it on your PC / MAC first!

2.1 Camera Resolution Chart
The above website has created a "Digital Camera Resolution Chart" which states that a 3MP Capture Resolution will print the following size prints at the Quality stated
4" x 6" - "Photo Quality" - ie On a phot-quality printer, the human eye should not be able to tell the difference at a normal viewing distance
5" x 7" - "Photo Quality" - Ditto above
8" x 10" - "Excellent" - Difficult to tell from real photo at normal viewing distance

Computer Monitor / Video Display - "Excellent" - Difficult to tell from real photo at normal viewing distance. Most images are displayed on a Monitor these days rather than printed!!!

4" x 6" is the standard size that 35mm photographs are printed.

3. Powerful Flash Light
Other digital cameras and mobile phones use low power LED flash lights which are not powerful enough to take a suitable image outside and without other sources of artificial light.

Most mobile phones do not even have a "flash light" thus making them useless when accident happen in the dark! Most accidents happen in low light or dark conditions.

Our new D5 digital flash camera has a powerful traditional "flash light" which makes it suitable for purpose. It is the same type of “flash light” that is used on 35mm cameras.

The “flash light” has an auto detect flash feature which makes it easier to use and it only operates when light conditions are poor.

4. Colour LCD Screen
We have replaced the eyepiece with a colour 1.44” colour LCD screen.
The colour LCD screen has an automatic “switch OFF” if the camera is not used for 60 seconds, this feature is incorporated to ensure unnecessary power consumption.

5. USB 2
A USB2 plug is built-in to the bottom of the camera to make it easy to plug into your PC / MAC, printer, etc., thus enabling you to rapidly save and print the first x40 images before taking another x20 or more images.

6. Battery Pack
A cartridge holds three replaceable batteries inside the D5 so as to ensure an ample power supply for the powerful traditional “flash light” and LCD colour screen.

7. Price – excludes VAT and P&P
7.1 Camera
£17 per camera

7.2 Service
£3 per service, maximum of x10 services per camera.
The camera has a cartridge with 3 new batteries fitted and the cameras chip, lens, flash light, LCD screen, USB plug, etc. are all checked.
Each D5 digital flash camera has a unique serial number to ensure that we return your camera to you, we also record each time that each camera has been serviced.

7.3 D5 comparison with a 35mm Disposable Flash Camera
7.3.1 D5 digital flash camera x600 life span images
Initial purchase £19.75
X10 Services £30
X10 CDR 20p each (non rewritable) £2
Total £51.75

7.3.2 35mm disposable flash camera - x600 images
Initial purchase £2.25 x50 12 exposure cameras £112.50
Developing & CD £7 x50 £350.00
Total £462.50

The D5 digital flash camera costs less than 11% of the 35mm solution over its lifespan of x600+ images. It may be a cheap digital flash camera, but it has all the specification and more that you need!

7.4 How to order
We don't take web site based orders, so please phone or email. We want to be sure that we fully understand your requirements and supply the camera specification that YOU WANT, not the camera we want to sell!

This is a truly unique camera which will replace the "35mm disposable flash camera" in Vehicle Fleet & social markets.


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