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Standard Sleeved Camera
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Camera SleevedPersonalised Camera - SleevedThe camera sleeve and outer packaging can be designed specifically to create an ideal business gift, incentive or promotional product.

This item is in stock in our UK warehouse.

Although most of our Clients request our Premium Camera model we still offer the Sleeved Promotional Camera as it can be printed on all 6 sides.

1. Specification
1.1 Camera body
Any images, logos or copy text can be printed in full colour on four / six sides of the camera body.
This will promote your company, or event, as our cameras have a high perceived value by the photographer.

1.2 Pre exposed film images - The power of your logo on every image forever!
We can place your logo and copy text on every image of the unexposed film before we load it in to the camera. Therefore enabling your customer to remember your logo, name and contact details for as long as they keep the photographs - forever !

We can load on to the unexposed film your own chosen image, logo, text.
This can be the first, or last, exposure on every roll of film prior to us loading the film into the camera.

1.3 Exposures
Any number of exposures that you require - 12, 24, 36 exposures.

1.4 Format
We offer you three different camera formats -
Flash, Daylight, Waterproof.

1.5 Packaging
Each camera is sealed in a clear cellophane bag.

1.6 Display Box
We can also offer a personnalised camera display box as well.
This will enhance its shelf appeal and increase sales.

1.7 Developing & Printing
We supply a Developing & Printing envelope to enable your clients to obtain a high quality / low price service, and they also receive a free film!

1.8 MOQ - Minimum Order Quantity
1 only of the Premium Camera model
1,000+ of the Sleeved Camera model

1.9 Quantity / Price Structure

QuantityPremium camera
4 sides
Standard Sleeved camera 6 sides

plus delivery & VAT, we ship anywhere in the World!

Check our prices in your currency at

2. How to order
We don't take web site based orders, so please phone or email. We want to be sure that we fully understand your requirements and supply the camera specification that YOU WANT, not the camera we want to sell!


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