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Accident Kit Optional Extras

Optional Extras for an Accident Kit ensure that your specific needs are achieved!

An Optional Extra is anything that you specify, it can include such items as a Tyre pressure gauge, Tyre tread gauge, Hi-Vis clothing, Poncho, LED Torch, Hazard Triangle, Hi-Vis Emergency Waistcoat, Safety glasses, Domed Sticker, Promotional printed material, etc.
All Optional Extras can be supplied separately and in whatever quantities that you require.

Our great range of quality Accident Kits are available from stock.
We deliver immediately, you don't have to wait 6 weeks.
We personalise the camera and wallet in the UK.

1. Specification - Optional Extras

1.1 x9 LED TORCH - 1.99 including x3 batteries
This item is in stock in our UK warehouse.
Blue anodised aluminium metal alloy torch
Knurled slip proof body
Water resistant & shock proof body and switch
Rubber sealing ring on screwed thread
Light type
Super bright white 9 bulb LED flashlight
Up to 12,000 mcd luminous intensity
LED bulbs lifetime 100,000 hours
LED light cannot be sensed by midges so great for outdoor use
Rugged rubber press button ON / OFF water resistant switch
85mm in length, 25mm diameter
Carrying strap, or you can hang it from a hook, etc
x3 batteries last 25 times longer because of highly efficient LED bulbs
Use x3 AAA batteries (INCLUDED)
Plastic battery isolation disc to isolate batteries from switch. These stop accidental use, please remove before use.
74 gms

We can also offer any torch that you require to meet your specification.

1.2 Tyre Pressure Gauge - 2.25
Pencil style chrome body, pocket clip, Imperial & Metric calibration. This item is in stock in our UK warehouse.

We can also offer other types including digital.

1.3 Tyre Depth Gauge - 2.25
Prior to supplying these to one of our Clients, over 10% of their fleet did not conform to legal min. tyre tread depth!
This item is in stock in our UK warehouse.

1.4 Hi-Vis Emergency Reflective Waistcoat - 1.75
5 countries in the EEC require all vehicles to have these for every potential passenger!
Two reflective bands around the body plus single reflective band over each shoulder, Velcro fastening.
Conforms to EN471 Class 2.
Colour - Saturn yellow.
Size - XXL, or any size that you specify.
Individually bagged.
This item is in stock in our UK warehouse.
Personalisation - we can personalise the back or front.
We also stock a wide range of Safety Clothing for immediate dispatch.

1.5 Emergency Hazard Warning Triangle
No where is safe to break down, so one of these makes for added passenger and vehicle safety.
In many EEC countries they have to be carried in every vehicle!
Packing - individually boxed

1.6 Safety Glasses - 1.75
Our eyes are an extremely important, we should do more to protect them.
Lens Clear
Frame Black
European Health & Safety
Conforms to EN166 1.F.
Low energy impact against high speed
Anti Mist
Optical quality - High
Sleek sports style wrap around design with contoured nylon side arms
Fashionable and light weight with pre-set arms for a precise fit
Packaging - individually bagged
We offer a range of Safety Glasses so please tell us your specification.
This item is in stock in our UK warehouse.

1.7 Safety Clothing
We supply a comprehensive range of Safety Clothing from hats to shoes and everything in between, so please tell us your needs.
This item is in stock in our UK warehouse.

1.8 Printed Promotional Material
Clients require a range of inserts including letters, forms, maps, etc - please specify your needs and we will be pleased to quote
Often Marketing Agents and other sourcing companies want us to be "invisible" so we can supply items without any reference to our company.

1.9 Ballpoint Pen - retractable - 35p
White body, black ink - 35p
This item is in stock in our UK warehouse.

1.10 Tape Measure - 30p
Imperial and Metric calibration - 30p
This item is in stock in our UK warehouse.

1.11 Accident Report Form - 25p
Two part NCR (No Carbon Required) set - European Insurance Association approved - 25p
This item is in stock in our UK warehouse.

1.12 Crayon - 18p
Yellow - 18p
This item is in stock in our UK warehouse.

1.13 Retractable Key Reels
We offer a comprehensive range of retractable Key Reels to ensure that we meet your exacting specification. The retractable key ring can include any type of fixing at both ends of the key reel. Please tell us your specification and we will supply a quote.

1.14 Drivers Bag
These days a driver needs to securely keep a range of important items so we can supply you with a rugged Drivers Bag that is designed to meet the needs of your company driver. Please specify and we will give you a quote and supply a sample.

1.15 Drivers Folder
These days a driver needs to keep a range of statutory and company information in a safe place. We can design a Drivers Folder which meets your specific needs and supply you with a quote and sample.

1.16 Personal Attack Alarms
Drivers are now being threatened and attacked on a daily basis so we offer a range of personal attack alarms from those which make ear splitting amounts of noise to those which include a DNA mist which is specific to an individual hand spray personal attack alarm. The DNA sticks to the attackers skin and clothes so the Police can easily identify the attacker. The mist is not harmful.
The alarms can be fitted to your wrist, or a pull toggle lanyard around your neck, or hand held, or key ring, etc
Please state your requirement and we will give you comprehensive details and quote.

1.17 Your coloured Logo - Domed Sticker
Your Logo - we can also apply a Domed Sticker to the Wallet that features your coloured Logo.
They come in a range of sizes and can be offered for a MOQ of 100 or more.
A guide price is 4cm squared 45p each (100) to 39p each (500) fitted,
They are available in a range of sizes from 2 to 60 cm squared
Please phone / email for details

2. Benefits
2.1 Your choice of Accident Kit Optional Extras creates a unique Accident Kit that achieves your requirements.
2.2 Optional Extras enhance the value of the Accident Kit to your drivers and clients!

3. Delivery lead times
Orders of Accident Kit Optional Extras are normally dispatched within 1 day.

4. Clients
Existing clients include companies specialising in Logistics, Insurance, Body Repair Shops, Car & Van Dealerships, Fleet Operators, the general public.

5. Quantity / Price Structure per Accident Kit
We are not able to display a Price Structure for this Deluxe range of Accident Kit because each item in the specification is unique to your specific needs.
However we will be pleased to give you a comprehensive quote based on your unique specification.
Premium Camera model - the camera shown in all non AIG images
Standard Camera model - the AIG camera
Branded Over-run Accident Kit includes a "standard" camera and wallet in another clients artwork plus retractable ballpoint pen, Accident Report Form, wax crayon, tape measure, which we printed too many of, hence the significant price reduction / our loss is your gain!!!

The table below shows the prices for just 5 of the many different types of Accident Kit that we offer. Please phone/email to place an order of make a query.

Quantity Standard Premium Premium
Plain Plain Personalised

plus Delivery and VAT, or you can collect.
Check our prices in your currency at
No other additional costs.

6. How to order
We don't take web site based orders, so please phone or email. We want to be sure that we fully understand your requirements and supply the camera specification that YOU WANT, not the camera we want to sell!

We ship anywhere in the World

"Make insurance claims easier with a photograph!"


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