Product details - DashCam 013R GPS Dual Lens G-Sensor

DashCam 013R GPS Dual Lens G-Sensor
Price: 44.99

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DashCam HD DVR 013R Dual Lens GPS G-Sensor
1.1 Two cameras
This DashCam DVR has two cameras that can be rotated by 270 degrees.
This enables you to record high definition videos from two different angles e.g. forward and cab/rear at the same time
1.2 Night vision
This feature allows you to make recordings in relatively dark environments.
1.3 GPS Logger
Open up Google Maps and you can instantly see your vehicle's driving track, speed, time, and date.
1.4 G-Sensor
Also known as the gravity sensor, this DVR detects and records any sudden motion or speed changes in X, Y and Z axis.
As soon as any sharp braking, rapid acceleration, excessive cornering or sudden impact occurs, you can be sure this DVR will record it.

Screen 2.7 inch High Definition screen

Lens f,2mm; F, 2.0 Infra-Red lens

Camera FRONT - 140 degree wide angle; BACK - 120 degree wide angle

Colour Sensor 1/4 colour CMOS

Video Recording Resolution
1280 x 480 pixels - Dual Mode, or
640 x 480 pixels - Single Mode

Video format AVI

Cycled Recording Yes, i.e. when the SD MMC - TF card is full it starts to record over previous recording

Microphone / Speaker Built in

Power Source Built in rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery and or plug in 12V/24V in cab power supply (cigarette lighter socket required), requires 12 hours charge before use, battery life approx. 30 minutes depending on usage

Supports SD/MMC - TF card (From 1GB up to 32GB) Memory Cards not included. Recommend to buy the size of SD / MMC - TF suitable for your needs, i.e. a card large enough to record a working day = 32 Gb. We only recommend Class 10 as that ensures good quality images, other lower class cards are available but will not give you the required quality results. We also recommend that you use recognised quality branded memory cards.

Time Stamp Yes

2.7 inch LCD Yes HD screen

3. What's in the box
1 x DashCam HD Recorder
1 x Manual
1 x Mount
1 x In Cab Charger (including the adaptor 12V/24V transfers to 5V)
Excludes SD / MMC - TF memory card

4. MOQ - Minimum Order Quantity
1 only of any DashCam model

5. Quantity / Price Structure
Excluding delivery and VAT
75 for one unit
69.95 for five to ten units
65 for eleven+ units

6. How to order
We don't take web site based orders, so please phone or email. We want to be sure that we fully understand your requirements and supply the camera specification that YOU WANT, not the camera we want to sell!

Dashboard Camera HD DVR 013R Dual Lens GPS G-Sensor An up to date range of dashboard cameras from basic, to dual lens, G Meter which measures the intensity of a crash and where, GPS to measure location on Google Maps, Infa-red lights, etc.

Most DashCam's are in stock, but this is a fast moving market with improvements being made all the time so some items are supplied direct from the manufacturer and may take up to 7 days to deliver.

If you don't see what you want please tell us your specification and we will send you a full specification and quote the same day.

It sees and hears what you experience
The colour video recording tells no lies; it sees & hears what you experience!
If you are involved in any type of incident, the Dashboard Camera will capture clear visual and audible evidence. Suitable to use on the front or rear windscreen.
If required we can set-up your DashCam for you before shipping.

Please ensure that you DashCam is mounted in a location which does not reduce the drivers visibility, often by the rear view mirror is a good location. The MOT publish driver visibility regulations which are part of the annual MOT test. The Highway Code states: "'Windscreens and windows must be kept clean and clear of all obstructions."

You will also need a TF Memory Card reader and that you use a PC with a Vista OS or better! - - I can recommend this supplier 7

Please phone or email us with your requirements as we do not take orders on this website.

"Fraudsters behind 1,000 crashes a week" quote from The Daily Telegraph

"Insurance fraudsters in the UK staged , more than 300,000 car accidents since 2008 in scams that affect more than 1,000 innocent motorists a week and push up premiums for all drivers.

"Crash for Cash" fraud takes place when one or more parties deliberately cause a road traffic accident, in an attempt to gain financially, often claiming for injuries such as whiplash, with additional pay-outs to compensate for the loss of the car and lost earnings.

Research by insurer LV= found that more than 30,000 people have been victims of a "slam on" scam in the past year. LV= said that fraudsters targeted females and young drivers as they believed they were less likely to challenge claims. In the past two years almost 66% of victims were female, and 59% were aged 34 or younger." Source - The Daily Telegraph

The solution is to protect what you have experienced with a camera - three types of camera will meet you needs, the choice is yours, please call to discuss your specification 01273 30 40 10 -

1. Accident Kit
It has everything you need in a wallet, our clients tell us that the scammers get back into their cars when drivers take the camera out of the Accident Kit -
35mm flash camera, such film cannot be Photoshoped and can be used as evidence in a Law Court. Plus it has a brilliant flash.
Accident Report Form - ensures that you answer all the questions that your insurance company require.
Pen - you can never find a black ink pen when you want one.
Yellow Crayon - you can mark roads, cars, anything prior to taking a photograph.
Tape measure - it acts as a scale rule in photos and makes measurement easy.
9 LED alloy body torch - a very reliable torch with long lasting qualities.
Wallet - all the above packaged in a cloth wallet.

2. Digital D5 Camera
This is the only digital camera in the World that can be used for evidence in a Law Court. It has unique firmware that marks every image, the image cannot be Photoshoped without damaging the unique marks, thus ensuring an audit trail.

This camera can used with one of our Accident Kits.

Other digital cameras do not have a brilliant flash and don't have the secure firmware marking every image.

3. DashCam DVR
We can offer a DashCam that meets your specific needs and budget.

They can constantly record a video image and sound of what can be seen in front, or behind, or inside your vehicle. Plus the ability to plot the route taken using its GPS capabilities in conjunction with Google Maps. They also can offer G Meters which record in 3D what direction which vehicle has hit the other. We can even offer a combined SatNav / DashCam all in one removable unit. Lots of other facilities are being added to DashCam DVR, so just tell us your needs on 01273 304010


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