Digital flash camera
Digital Flash Camera with "Security Watermark"

Digital D5 Camera

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This is the only digital camera in the World that can be used for evidence in a Law Court. It has unique firmware that marks every image, the image cannot be Photoshoped without damaging the unique marks, thus ensuring an audit trail.

This camera can used with one of our Accident Kits.

Other digital cameras do not have a brilliant flash and don't have the secure firmware marking every image.

D5 Reusable Digital Flash Camera
Price: 19.75
<strong> D5 Reusable Digital Flash Camera
1. "Security Watermark"
2. A reusable simple digital flash camera
3. Powerful Flash Light
4. Colour LCD Screen
5. USB 2
Standard Sleeved Camera
Price: 0.00
Camera SleevedPersonalised Camera - SleevedThe camera sleeve and outer packaging can be designed specifically to create an ideal business gift, incentive or promotional product.

This item is in stock in our UK warehouse.

Although most of our Clients request our Premium...

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