DashBoard Camera
DashCam HD DVRDashboard Camera HD DVR An up to date range of dashboard cameras from basic, to dual lens, G Meter which measures the intensity of a crash and where, GPS to measure location on Google Maps, Infa-red lights, etc.

Most DashCam's are in stock, but this is a fast moving market with improvements being made all the time so some items are supplied direct from the manufacturer and may take up to 7 days to deliver.

If you don't see what you want please tell us your specification and we will send you a full specification and quote the same day.

It sees and hears what you experience
The colour video recording tells no lies; it sees & hears what you experience!
If you are involved in any type of incident, the Dashboard Camera will capture clear visual and audible evidence. Suitable to use on the front or rear windscreen.
Your drivers / Fleet DVR Expert can phone us at any time to obtain operational support, FREE!
If required we can set-up your DashCam for you before shipping.

DashCam HD DVR
Price: 11.99
DashCam HD DVR
1. Overview
1.1 It sees and hears what you experience
This versatile evidence video/still camera has 106 set-up options with easy to read, plain English, Set-Up instructions.
Your drivers / Fleet DVR Expert can phone us at any time to obtain...
DashCam 013R GPS Dual Lens G-Sensor
Price: 44.99
DashCam HD DVR 013R Dual Lens GPS G-Sensor
1.1 Two cameras
This DashCam DVR has two cameras that can be rotated by 270 degrees.
This enables you to record high definition videos from two different angles e.g. forward and cab/rear at the same time
DashCam W26
Price: 17.99
DashCam HD DVR ARTSW26 G-Sensor
1.1 Full HD resolution
1920*1080P 25fps FULL HD resolution

1.2 Night vision
This feature allows you to make recordings in relatively dark environments.

1.3 Camera Lens
3 Camera GPS 24/7/365 Recording
Price: 179.00
DashCam 3 Cameras X1S
1.1 Full HD resolution
1920 x 1080P 30 fps FULL HD resolution - Front Camera - metal body
VGA 640 x 480 30 fps HD Interpolation - Exterior Cameras x2 for use on side mirrors, rear elevation, inside load area


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